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1000's of Desks, Credenzas, Files, Bookcases, Tables. ETC!
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327 West Front Street, Plainfield, NJ 07060 
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Effective 9/1/17


1074 County Rd 523, in Flemington NJ


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Monday - Friday 9:00 to 5:00

& effective 7/1/17,

Saturdays by appointment


Conference, Writing, Working, Standing, Computer, ETC Tables of every description!

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                      Harter High back Swivel Chairs

   20+- Dauphin Exec. knee tilt swivels                       25- Harter Hi back Swivels


                    Steelcase side chairs

   2- Traditional Loveseats in Burgundy         34-  Steelcase Fan chairs in Burgundy & Gray


8- National Wood slat back Burgundy sides      2- Green Pattern swivels Full Options


 High back Mesh back with Leather seat                Steelcase Concentric Gray swivel



 Steelcase Concentric Burg Swivels                               16- Kimbal Beige side chairs




  4- Burgundy Fabric Traditional client chairs         5- Steelcase modern sides in Li Gray



      4- Kimbal Gold side Chairs                                     2- Blue Task swivels

Steelcase Modern sides           

     2- Steelcase Modern Green stripe sides                 Assorted Swivels & Side Chairs

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